Grub Street


Posted in Uncategorized by grubstreet on May 23, 2006

I would like to spend a day at a spa. Massages, facial/body cleanses, steam rooms. I’ve never been to a spa and it never occurred to me until now to go to one. Maybe I can make it happen around my birthday (till then seems unlikely!).

I would also like to start doing yoga and/or pilates. I don’t know how I would find time to do that.


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  1. amanda said,

    I find spas to be oddly intimidating…there are too many around or something?

    It is really weird how in Cigarettes by Harry Mathews all the prepsters liaise at the mud baths.

  2. are you sure you haven’t been to a spa? think back, back, no, further, think waaaaaaay back…because the womb is a spa. people always forget that. there’re 25 spas in union square alone. kenneth lay will be in a spa for the rest of his life. greenpoint is an oil bath. you should just bury yourself in coney island sand this summer. dip, bury, re-dip…

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