Grub Street

the tracks

Posted in Uncategorized by grubstreet on June 12, 2006

I came into work this morning to find someone had left cinnamon flavored Tea Tree Australian Chewing Sticks on my desk.  It must have been an intern, as they use my computer when I am gone. 

Jesse went to Belmont on Saturday and lost $100.  I think he's been enjoying saying "I lost $100 at the tracks."

I had an upset stomach last night for no reason I could discern.  Unless it was from the sort of gnarly Mexican place near my house where I got a (meatless) burrito for dinner.  We went in there to find very loud music blaring from stereo and 5 or 6 drunk Mexican guys who started interrogating Jesse about the World Cup.  I also watched part of Shop Girl, which is enough to make anyone nauseous.  What a terrible movie!

Greenpoint is a rather debased and foul place, I'm reminded basically whenever I leave my apartment.  I need to get a britte water filter because I am afraid of what Greenpoint tap water will do to me.


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