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peanut sauce

Posted in Uncategorized by grubstreet on September 12, 2006

Yesterday I complained to Jesse that I had some fresh ground peanut butter in the house but nothing to eat it with (bread, crackers, apple, etc). So he suggested we make a peanut sauce and eat it with rice. It turned out pretty well, and today I bought some soba noodles and made some more sophisticated peanut sauce with what may be a key ingredient of sesame oil. The noodles with sauce are chilling in the fridge at the moment. My (temporary) roommate is making mustard tonight.

Last night I went to local bar The Pencil Factory. It is one of 3 bars at the same intersection that I had never been to. It is by no means a dive bar. Drinks seemed to average $6, but some are probably $5. They serve sandwiches, too.