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Posted in Uncategorized by grubstreet on March 14, 2006

Yesterday I did more mopping than ever before, so after work I had a few drinks (gratis, of course).  For a long time I followed a policy of no drinking on Mondays.  I want to start reading more on the train.  And also acquire some sort of portable music device again.  Both of these things will increase the quality of my life, I think.  I have grown attached to my neighborhood.  I don’t want to leave it.  I like my close proximity to 3 train lines, all of which I use on a regular basis.  I am afraid of change?

 Jesse is in Chico, CA now for a visit.  I started writing a little ditty about our last Chico visit.  It goes something like this:

 Riding on interstate 5, I almost lost my life/ Cruisin’ in my brand new ride, I nearly lost my life.

I thought it could have a sort of twangy, not-quite-country Neil Young feel.



Posted in Uncategorized by grubstreet on March 7, 2006

I just got an email from a friend who said he heard about J’s headaches and the “fumes at my house” and that I should be careful about carbon monoxide poisoning.  It’s the number one cause of accidental poisoning deaths in the US.  What??  I’m alarmed.  I don’t know where he heard there were fumes at my house because that never occurred to me. 

Roker on the Road

Posted in Uncategorized by grubstreet on February 25, 2006

My roommate rearranged our living room and somehow moving the tv across the room enabled us to pirate cable. We don’t get a ton of great channels but ones like cinemax, c-span, espn, etc. I spent last night on the couch watching “Roker On the Road” on the food network. I didn’t know Al Roker hosted his own show about foods across the country. Kind of interesting considering he obviously had an eating disorder and had gastric bypass surgery. I really wish we got HBO!

When I tuned in to “Roker On the Road” there was a segment about a brother and sister in Massachusetts who started a company called Grandma’s Chicken Soup which ships chicken soup to anyone around the country (you can order it on the internet). The sister said it was a really wonderful and creative idea to send frozen chicken noodle soup to someone who is feeling sick. She said everyone loves chicken noodle soup and it makes you feel better. Since I’ve been sick for the past two weeks I’ve had many bowls of chicken noodle soup and it never made me feel better. There’s a real grandma behind the recipe of Gradma’s Chicken Soup. I don’t remember her name, but she said she would never tire of making chicken noodle soup.

The next segment was about the Harlem Tea Room. Apparantly tea rooms are popping up around the country and becoming more popular. Roker interviewed the owner. One thing I learned was that all the caffeine comes out of tea bag in the first couple seconds of brewing, so if you want decaffenated tea, you brew a cup for 30 seconds, dump the water out and brew a new cup with the same bag.

In seek of a button

Posted in Uncategorized by grubstreet on February 14, 2006

I have not yet made my way to the rumored “button district” of Manhattan though my coat is missing a button. The button I lost has some fine details, so it might take some searching to find an acceptable replacement. I will probably go the remainder of this winter with 5 buttons instead of 6, pack up my coat when spring comes and forget about the missing button until next year.

Today, the proprietor of the place I work 2 days a week told me I should live in Vermont because my engergy “is like trees and animals.” Very strange! I found out recently that he and his brother are Buddhists — which in a way is a relief to hear, considering the name of the place and its sort of tacky decor. I don’t think I could live in Vermont — I need stimulation to keep me going.


Posted in Uncategorized by grubstreet on February 7, 2006

My lunch was entirely green today: split pea soup and an apple (granny smith?).  I’m also wearing a green shirt.

Suddenly I’m feeling drowsy and weak — more than the usual post-lunch slump.  My muscles hurt because I forgot to stretch yesterday after running.  My co-worker and I discuss the merits of running a lot.  I don’t think anyone would find this blog very interesting.


Posted in Uncategorized by grubstreet on January 31, 2006

It has become commonly accepted that when you ride the L train during rush hour, morning or evening, you have to hump someone from every which way.  I am disconcerted that one of the first things I do in the morning, perhaps some 15 minutes after I wake up, is feel the bodies of strangers pressed against me.  It’s a strange way to start the day.  Maybe I am not as comfortable with human contact as I should be (like the Europeans?), but I don’t get that close with my best friends!  Too many people live on that train line, and it will probably only get worse.

“Funny Games”

Posted in Uncategorized by grubstreet on January 25, 2006

“Funny Games” is possibly the most terrifying movie ever. It’s about a wealthy family who go to their vacation house and are physically and psychologically terrorized by two sadistic young men. What I’ve read about it says that the film is a criticism of its audience — who would pay to sit through this kind of violence. The torturers make us complicit in their brutality. Well, I could only watch about half an hour of the movie before I had to stop. And the next day I was still reeling from it! Maybe I stopped because I was watching it right before I had to go to bed and I was worried about nightmares. But I don’t think I could watch it under any circumstance. Haneke might be some sort of genius. I don’t know. I saw “Cache” and really liked it. When I told my dad to see it he said after viewing the preview he was pretty sure he wouldn’t see it because “it looked like a slasher movie with French pretentions,” but I don’t think that’s true. However, I saw “Time of the Wolf” about a year ago and have practically no memory of it.


Posted in Uncategorized by grubstreet on January 23, 2006

Tonight I had pasta for dinner. Jesse says I always start eating before the cook is finished cooking. But he always secretly puts hot sauce or pepper in our food, and I don’t like my food very hot. I guess I should start cooking more.

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