Grub Street


Posted in Uncategorized by grubstreet on January 31, 2006

It has become commonly accepted that when you ride the L train during rush hour, morning or evening, you have to hump someone from every which way.  I am disconcerted that one of the first things I do in the morning, perhaps some 15 minutes after I wake up, is feel the bodies of strangers pressed against me.  It’s a strange way to start the day.  Maybe I am not as comfortable with human contact as I should be (like the Europeans?), but I don’t get that close with my best friends!  Too many people live on that train line, and it will probably only get worse.


“Funny Games”

Posted in Uncategorized by grubstreet on January 25, 2006

“Funny Games” is possibly the most terrifying movie ever. It’s about a wealthy family who go to their vacation house and are physically and psychologically terrorized by two sadistic young men. What I’ve read about it says that the film is a criticism of its audience — who would pay to sit through this kind of violence. The torturers make us complicit in their brutality. Well, I could only watch about half an hour of the movie before I had to stop. And the next day I was still reeling from it! Maybe I stopped because I was watching it right before I had to go to bed and I was worried about nightmares. But I don’t think I could watch it under any circumstance. Haneke might be some sort of genius. I don’t know. I saw “Cache” and really liked it. When I told my dad to see it he said after viewing the preview he was pretty sure he wouldn’t see it because “it looked like a slasher movie with French pretentions,” but I don’t think that’s true. However, I saw “Time of the Wolf” about a year ago and have practically no memory of it.


Posted in Uncategorized by grubstreet on January 23, 2006

Tonight I had pasta for dinner. Jesse says I always start eating before the cook is finished cooking. But he always secretly puts hot sauce or pepper in our food, and I don’t like my food very hot. I guess I should start cooking more.